The National Association of Sport Quad Racing ™

August 23, 2009 Race Day Photos - Thanks to David Nighteagle for the donation of his professional photography services.




Here's the deal.  Drive in a circle as fast as you can, ok?

NASQUAD Banana Splits -- One banana, two banana, three......

Adult Class First Heat Turn 1

Power Sliding Through Turn 4, Throttle Pinned on the Way Out

                Old Timers neck and neck

                                        Ladies gunning for the win

     Our Pee Wee Class Champion in a Hemi-Powered, Super-Charged, Tricked Out Radio Flyer Wagon.  This Baby Makes 140 HP - No Pun Intended

Champions deserve steaks



Clockwise from above left:  Julie our very talented Awesome Announcer standing with Suzanne the Sanguine Scorekeeper;  Lance the Flogging Main Flagger (you don't want to upset Lance with an early start);   Sagacious Mark the Serendipitous Scorekeeper with the smiling Sanguine Suzanne under her cute cowgirl hat in the control booth; Natalie the Vivacious Video Vixen with Debbie the Do it All Damsel;  Lance with Tina the Saucy Secondary Flagger;  and finally Los Amigos Tres, in the control booth figuring out who won the damn race.  Not Pictured: David the Adroit Audio Visual Tech and Race Photographer Extraordinaire.


Like to be a NASQUAD Volunteer?

If you don't want to race but would like to volunteer at the races, please email us at  It's a great way to see the race up close, pay no entry fees, and have an exhilarating day of intense action and camaraderie.  And you get free food and drink (non-alcoholic of course) all day, with a $25 coupon for use at the concessions stand, where hot food, snacks and drinks are available.   Finally, a $100 gift certifcate from Walmart will be presented at the end of each day's races to one lucky volunteer in a random drawing.


Edgar Winter Group "Frankenstein"