The National Association of Sport Quad Racing ™

     Hi, my name is George Matsuka, and I love to race and ride quads.  I have a Polaris Outlaw for the woods and a Yamaha YFZ 450R for the race track.  I wanted to start NASQUAD Racing so I could race on a dirt oval and all the other quad drivers around could race too.  I can't wait for the summer to get here.   My race number is 53, after Disney's Herbie the Love Bug.  I race like Herbie, too.  Always starting last and having to catch up.  On the   Race Video Matsuka web page after this one,  check out the awesome video of one of my races in 2009.  I won the NASQUAD Young Adult Class Championship, and it wasn't easy, but I hung in there through 6 races of 6 intense laps each -- and I never gave up (even after a high speed spin-out in heat 5 that you can watch on the Spin Out 2009 web page)  My quad and I are in red and white and lined up at the pole position (the inside of the track) in the video.  I didn't win the championship in 2010, but I'm coming out fighting in 2011 to take it back.

George sports the Richard Petty look !


     I am customizing my 2009 YFZ 450R with a bunch of performance upgrades so I can blast around the track at lightspeed this summer, and all my competitors will be eating my dust.  Hear that guys?

Here's what's going on in the Never Give Up Racing Team's garage:

1.     I've got a new CT Racing track only full exhaust.  Loud as a semi.

2.     Pro Design supplied the competition air filter.

3.     Trinity Racing hooked me up with their state-of-the-art Stage IV EFI controller.

4.     I've installed a CRJ Performance lowering kit and widening kit.

5.     Gforce makes the new billet aluminum hubs.

6.     I'm using both Maxxis RAZR TT tires and American Racer tires depending on the conditions.  I'm mounting them to Douglas and ITP .190 pro wheels.

7.     I've got a brand new set of nerfs and heel guards from Tusk since I trashed the stock heel guards in a crash at the York, Pennsylvania 1/2 mile track during an AMA District 6 race.  Broke two fingers as well.

8.     Rath Racing supplied the anti-sway bar that helps me keep all my tires planted firmly on the ground when I'm power sliding past my competitors through the turns.

9.     I make sure the engine power is delivered to the wheels with a new final drive D.I.D. X-ring chain, a Primary Drive rear sprocket, and a Renthal front sprocket.

10.   To keep the engine running cool, I am using LP racing coolant, and Maxima 530MX synthetic racing oil.  Engine overheating will definitely be a concern during the Four Corners 500 so I'm going with only the best.

11.   H-Bomb Films supplied an awesome front bumper, but you guys will never see that since I'll always be ahead of you.  Well, turn around and give it a look just as I'm lapping you.  I also replaced the stock rear grab bar with a super bright red grab bar from PRM Products.  It looks really cool.

12.   I've got a snazzy ruby red clutch cover from Duncan Racing International and cool red skull shock covers from Outerwears.

13.   As far as engine mods, I've decided to stay in the 450cc production class, so I am keeping the engine stock.

14.    Where do I get all this stuff?  Directly from the manufacturer or from national ATV retailers Rocky Mountain ATV and Ronnie's Mailorder, and our local shop in Cortez, Colorado, Mesa Verde Motorsports and the local shop in Frederick, Maryland, Fredericktown Yamaha.

      I hope you guys are all ready this summer.  I'm coming out fighting to reclaim the Young Adult Class crown that I lost in 2010. 

Attention NASQUAD Racers

     If you would like to put a bio of you or your racing team on this website, information about your quad, or a video clip of one of your NASQUAD races, please let us know and we will add it.  You must have raced in a previous NASQUAD race, and be registered to race in a 2010 race in order to be included on this website.

     Editor's Note:  George Matsuka is an eternally innocent, developmentally disabled 19 year old who does love to ride and race, and his team is preparing for the 2011 racing season as noted to reclaim the title George lost in 2010.  But his bio and the discussion of his quad preparation were written by his team, not George himself, who does not read or write as a result of his birth injury.  George's motto is "Never Give Up," and he never does.  The competitive, spirited tone of his quad customization discussion is meant to be in sporting fun.  George looks forward every day to the next summer's races.  He's the happiest kid on Planet Earth, and racing quads is, in his own words, his dream come true.


"I'm an 18 Year Old Quad Racer"  Alice Cooper