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NASQUAD News Alerts March-April 2010


DIRT WHEELS Magazine Publishes NASQUAD Series Preview

Dirt Wheels Magazine, the most comprehensive ATV/UTV magazine in circulation, has just released their June 2010 issue which includes a two page spread on the upcoming NASQUAD racing season.  Check out page 106 and page 107.  Dirt Wheels always has great how-to articles on repairing and modifying our quads.  The June issue is no exception and has a couple great articles of special interest to NASQUAD oval racers.  On pages 80-85 you will find a great article on widening your quad.  On pages 92-93, learn something about gearing and tire size that high-speed oval racers can use.  In oval racing, the only slow part of the race is the start; otherwise, you are at high speed the entire race; there are no tight corners.  For optimal performance in this environment, it helps if quads are lower and wider and quads may need to be re-geared to keep off the rev limiter and stay close to the peak torque range of engine RPM.  NASQUAD Racing has established a new amateur maximum 60 inch width rule and pro class maximum 54 inch width rule for better control in these high speed oval races.

4/28/10 Carries NASQUAD Racing Schedule, a leader in web based ATV news and content, publishes the NASQUAD 2010 summer racing schedule.  Check out for a comprehensive look at ATV products, events and other content.


Versus Cable TV Contacted About Four Corners 500 Coverage

NASQUAD has contacted Versus Cable TV to discuss television coverage for the Four Corners 500 team endurance race on August 21.  We will keep you posted on developments.  We are hopeful that Versus will carry the 500 on cable TV.


ATV Action Magazine Publishes NASQUAD Pro-Am Summary

The May issue of ATV Action Magazine has a summary of the 2010 Pro-Am on page 9 of the issue.  Page 99 of the same issue notes the series on the national schedule of racing events.


UTV Amateur Class Added to Pro-Am Race Schedule

UTV drivers can now race in the NASQUAD Pro-Am.  An adult UTV amateur class has been added to the 3 round series for 2010.  UTV racers should contact NASQUAD prior to race day to pre-register.


Stock 450cc Class May be Added to Lineup

Should turnout by stock/limited mod 450cc machines in the Pro-Am Series be large, NASQUAD may add a new adult class for the 450cc machines.  Modifications in this class woud be limited to exhaust/air intake/suspension/wheels/tires.  No internal engine hop-ups would be permitted.  No racing fuel.  Any racers with interest in such a 450cc production class should contact NASQUAD.


GoPro HERO HD Video Cameras Selected

NASQUAD has selected GoPro HERO high definition video cameras to record all races in 2010.  The cameras will be mounted trackside and on a number of racers' quads.  From the raw video footage, a professional DVD will be made with the highlights of the 2010 racing season.


DIRT WHEELS Magazine to Include NASQUAD Series Preview

The June issue of DIrt Wheels Magazine will include a series preview of the NASQUAD Pro-Am and Four Corners 500.  Look for it in late May.


Dirt Wheels Magazine to Race in Four Corners 500

Bradley Howe, Dirt Wheels Associate Editor, will race with the Never Give Up Racing Team in the Four Corners 500 on August 21, 2010.  NASQUAD Racing and the Never Give Up team look forward to working with Brad in this first running of the 500.


NASQUAD Offers Limited Supply of Racing Boots and Gear for Free Use by NASQUAD Racers

NASQUAD Racing has a limited supply of used motocross boots ranging in size from 9.5 to 11 as well as a few roost guard chest protectors, knee and elbow pads, mx helmets, and goggles for free use by racers in NASQUAD events.  When you check in and register, you can check out any equipment we have for use at the race.


Want to Race in the 500, But Have No Team?

Contact us by email and we will put your name on our list of racers who need to find teams to race with.  A great way to meet and work with new quad drivers.


National Racing Shops Invited to Four Corners 500

Invitations to the Four Corners 500 have just gone out to some of the nationally recognized shops specializing in racing performance enhancements.  CT Racing, Rath Racing, DragonFire Racing, HCR Racing, Duncan Racing, and Trinity Racing to name a few.  We know these guys are busy building ultra-special quads and figuring out how to pull every last pony out of an engine, but we are hoping they might find the time to visit and race in the 500, and perhaps test some of their latest creations at our altitude of 6200 feet.


Rocky Mountain ATV to Supply Material for Races

Rocky Mountain ATV, a national leader in ATV parts and accessories, has agreed to supply hay bale covers and other items for the races, gratis.  A big thank-you to Rocky Mountain ATV for supporting NASQUAD races.


DIRT WHEELS Magazine to Visit Four Corners Pro-Am

Dirt Wheels Magazine plans on coming to Cortez to race in one of the events this summer.  We will keep you posted!


NASQUAD Establishes New Width Rule

On all its amateur oval flat track races, quad width will be limited to sixty (60) inches.  Pro class quads will be limited to fifty-four (54) inches.   Testing has shown that the considerably wider stance, especially if in conjunction with a lowering kit,  decreases the liklihood of rollovers significantly, and improves the power sliding capabilities of the quads. 


Concessions Available to Racers and Spectators

Concessions will be available at the track during all 2010 events, including food, snacks and beverages. 


Practice Day Added to Four Corners Pro-Am

In response to inquiries by racers attending the Four Corners Pro-Am and the Four Corners 500, we have adjusted our summer 2010 schedule.  June 27, 2010 will not be the first round of the Pro-Am.  Rather, June 27 will be a full practice and qualifying heats day where all racers will be able to get to know the Montezuma Raceway track and have a chance to dial in their quads for the races.  We will use the qualifying heats to place racers in appropriate squads for the races,  Practice fees are $35 for the day for all classes except childrens' classes which are $25. 


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