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News Alerts May-June 2010


Practice Day June 27 - More Heats For Less!!

For your $35.00 practice registration fee, you will be permitted to run in practice heats in as many classes as you and your quad qualify for, so long as your entry in the additional classes does not exceed the limit on class/squad size.   Racers will select their primary class for practice heats in which they will compete in on the regular schedule (six heats, one every hour).  Then, if you qualify for and desire to compete in practice heats in other classes, you can run in those heats without paying any additional fee.  This is different from the point rounds in which you must pay a separate entry fee for each class you qualify for and want to compete in.  For example, if you and your quad qualify for the adult production class, then you may compete in practice heats for the adult production class, the adult modified class, and the adult open class, all for your $35.00 entry fee.  On the other hand, if you and your quad qualify for the adult open class, then you can only compete in practice heats in that class.  Check the Multiple Class Entry Rules on the Quad Specs page to learn what classes you can practice and race in.


Go-Pro Helmet Cameras Need Racers

If you would like to wear a high definition Go-Pro helmet camera while you race, let us know.  We have a few helmet cameras to record the races.  The cameras can also be mounted on the quad's handlebars via a Go-Pro mount designed for such use.  We will have a number of handlebar mounts as well.  That mount is easily attached and removed.  For the helmet attachment, a small (2" x 1.5") plastic mount would have to be glued to the top of your helmet (the mount is a self stick type).  For more information on these cameras, see Go-Pro's website,



If you are planning on racing in one or more of NASQUAD's 2010 events, please email us at and let us know which events, and what class or classes you intend to race in.  You can race in as many classes as you and your quads qualify for upon payment of the registration fee for each class.  We are in the process of updating the daily race schedule and it would be helpful to know the number of racers in the various classes.  If you are from out of town, please check with us just before the race and we will give you all the information we have on the number of racers for particular classes, and the number of teams registered for the Four Corners 500.


Additional Classes Added to Racing Series

New amateur adult and young adult classs have been added to the  Four Corners Pro-Am Flat Track Racing Series for 2010.  Production 450cc and modified 450cc classes have been added as well as a big bore open class.  Check the registration materials that can be downloaded from this web site for details.

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