The National Association of Sport Quad Racing ™


Awards Presentation and Photo Shoot


1.         After the last race of the day, all racers will be called to the starting line on the track with their quads for a photo shoot and awards presentation. 


2.         The Announcer will start with the pro class and call out the winner, who will be presented his/her award, prize, trophy etc. from the Race Director, any title sponsor, and the NASQUAD Girls.  As each racer is presented an award, photos will be taken of the racer with the NASQUAD Girls (and by himself or with the Race Director as the racer desires).


 3.         The Announcer will then continue in the same fashion with the pro second placer, third placer, etc. as many calls as there are awards (for 2011, the top 5 or top 10 may receive cash prizes depending on how many entrants there are in the pro class).  Usually the top three finishers in the pro class receive trophies and cash prizes.  Others receive cash prizes only.


4.         The Announcer will then continue in like fashion with the amateur classes.  The winner of each amateur class will generally receive a trophy, the second and third placers medals.


5.         After all awards have been presented, a group photo of all racers and quads will be taken, and following the group photo, individual photos will be taken of all the other racers and the NASQUAD Girls.