The National Association of Sport Quad Racing ™


                                                      Race Format


     For the PRO class, the race will follow a 7-10-6 format; a maximum of 7 racers (a “squad”) per heat, 10 laps, 6 heats.  If we have 8 or more  racers, we will spilt into two or more groups.

     For the adult classes, the race will follow a 7-6-6 format; a maximum of 7 racers (a “squad”) per heat, 6 laps, 6 heats.

     For the women, old timer and young adult classes, the race will follow a 7-6-6 format; a maximum of 7 racers (a “squad”) per heat, 6 laps, 6 heats.

     For juniors, middies, and minis, the races will follow a 7-3-3 format; 7 racers maximum, 3 laps, 3 heats.

     If we choose to set a squad up in two lines (one behind the other) we will alternate the racers in each line every heat so that each racer is in the front line three times and in the rear line three times (6 heats).  We will also continue to jog racers from the inside to the outside.

     Note that each squad of the same racers will race in 6 heats against each other.  This means that each racer has 6 chances to win a race/heat, although each such heat is scored as noted below.  There is no distinct award for the winners of each heat; they simply accumulate more points.  The top point getter of all 6 heats is considered the race winner and the Champion for that class, unless there are multiple squads.  In the case of multiple squads (if for example there were twelve racers in a class and two six man squads were formed) after both squads have completed their six heats, the winners of each squad will go head-to-head in a one race final “shootout.”

     If time constraints require, the number of heats in the adult, women, old timer, and young adult classes will be decreased as necessary to not less than three.


Starting Positions

     For PRO, adult, young adult, women and old timer races, racers will rotate their starting positions in each heat.  In this way every racer starts in every position from inside to outside.  In Pro Class Heat 1, pole position goes to the earliest registrant.  Position 2 goes to the next earliest, etc.  In all other classes, intitial positions for the first heat are randomly selected.  For Heat 2, Position 1 racer (pole position) goes to Position 2, 2 goes to 3, 3 goes to 4, 4 goes to 5, 5 goes to 6, 6 goes to 1 (in a 6 racer race).  In subsequent heats, racers continue to jog to the outside, and the outside position goes to 1 (the pole position).  The starting line will also be diagonal so that all quads are equidistant from the inside corner of the first turn.  Should a heat be run with more than 6 quads, racers will draw from a hat for their starting positions in the first heat.  In subsequent heats, the positions will jog to the outside as described above.

     For 7-3-3- formats, racers will flip their starting positions in Heat 2.  In Heat 2, Position 1 racer flips with the outside position (Position 7 in a 7 racer race); Position 2 flips with Position 6;  3 flips with 5.  In Heat 3, start positions are assigned based upon point totals from the first 2 Heats.  Top point getter gets Position 1.  2nd highest Position 2, etc.


Scoring - Point System

     Points will be awarded in each heat.  First place finishers will be rewarded with a disproportionate bump -- 20 points for 1st.  10 points for 2nd.  9 points for 3rd.  8 points for 4th.  7 points for 5th. 6 points for 6th.  5 points for 7th.  4 points for 8th.  3 points for 9th.  2 points for 10th.  1 point for 11th.  Therefore the maximum points in each set of 6 heats will be 120 for 6 first place finishes.  The top point getter is the champion for that class, unless there are multiple squads.  If there is a points tie for 1st place after all 6 heats in a one squad class, the racers tied will have a shootout to determine the winner.  The shootout will be the same number of laps as the heats in that class.  The finish order of that shootout determines the winner, 2nd placer, 3rd placer, etc. (as many as are tied). If, for example, only two racers are tied for 1st place by points, and two or more racers are tied for 2nd place by points, then the racers tied for 1st will have a shootout to determine the top two spots for the day’s race, and the two or more racers tied for 2nd place by points will have a shootout to determine who is 3rd for the day in that class/group.

     In a multiple squad class, a shootout final race will be held after all squads have completed their heats.  The top point getter of each squad will be in the shootout final.  If there is a points tie for first in any squads, all racers tied will be in the final shootout.  Starting position in the shootout will be based upon points.  In the event of a tie, a coin will be tossed.  The winner of the shootout will be the Round Champion for that class/group.  The second place finisher in the shootout will be that Round’s  2nd placer, the third placer in the shootout (if there is a third) will take 3rd for the day, etc. for as many racers as are in the shootout (the number of squads in that class equals the number of racers in the shootout.)    If there are only two racers in the shootout (only two squads in the regular race), then the 3rd placer for the day will be the next highest point getter across both squads.  If there happens to be a tie for third (more than one racer have the same number of points in the same or different squads), then in the PRO class there will be a 3rd place shootout, but in all amateur classes, all racers tied for third will earn the same points for 3rd place.

     If there are more than the maximum number of racers in any one class, the class will be divided into squads of no more than the desired squad size (time permitting).  Racers will be divided to the degree possible into same sized squads.  Each squad will then race in its own 6 heats.

     If necessary (based on number of racers registered and time constraints), squad size may be increased to more than 7 racers.  In larger than 7 racer squads, points will still be awarded in the same manner; 20 points for 1st place, 10 for 2nd etc.  Racers placing 12th or lower receive no points (although we do not plan on having this many racers on the track for a particular heat).  In multiple squad races, when one squad is called to the starting line, the next squad will be called to the staging area off track and will wait until the conclusion of that heat to be called to the starting line.  In single squad races, the next class will be called to the staging area.