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Planned Class Schedule - Day Events


9:00am                                   1st  PRO Heats

9:14am                                   1st  Amateur Heats Begin by Class

            9:14am                       Adult Production 450cc Class

            9:18am                       Ladies Class

            9:22am                       Young Adult Production 450cc Class

            9:26am                       Old Timers Class

            9:30am                       Adult Modified 450cc Class

            9:34am                       Juniors Class

            9:38am                       Young Adult Modified 450cc Class

            9:42am                       Middies Class

            9:45am                       Adult Open Class

            9:49am                       Minis Class

            9:52am                       Young Adult Open Class


10:00am                                2nd PRO Heats

10:14am                                2nd  Amateur Heats Begin by Class

            10:14am                    Adult Production 450cc Class

            10:18am                    Ladies Class

            10:22am                    Young Adult Production 450cc Class

            10:26am                    Old Timers Class

            10:30am                    Adult Modified 450cc Class

            10:34am                    Juniors Class

            10:38am                    Young Adult Modified 450cc Class

            10:42am                    Middies Class

             10:45am                    Adult Open Class

            10:49am                    Minis Class

            10:52am                    Young Adult Open Class


11:00am                                3rd PRO Heats

11:14am                                3rd Amateur Heats Begin by Class

            11:14am                    Adult Production 450cc Class

            11:18am                    Ladies Class

            11:22am                    Young Adult Production 450cc Class

            11:26am                    Old Timers Class

            11:30am                    Adult Modified 450cc Class

            11:34am                    Juniors Class

            11:38am                    Young Adult Modified 450cc Class

            11:42am                    Middies Class (FINAL HEAT)

            11:45am                    Adult Open Class

            11:49am                    Minis Class (FINAL HEAT)

            11:52am                    Young Adult Open Class


12:00pm Noon                     BREAK – Track Maintenance


1:00pm                                   4th PRO Heats

1:14pm                                   4th Amateur Heats Begin by Class

            1:14pm                       Adult Production 450cc Class

            1:18pm                       Ladies Class

            1:22pm                       Young Adult Production 450cc Class

            1:26pm                       Old Timers Class

            1:30pm                       Adult Modified 450cc Class

            1:34pm                       Juniors Class

            1:38pm                       Young Adult Modified 450cc Class

            1:42pm                       Adult Open Class

            1:46pm                       Young Adult Open Class


2:00pm                                   5th PRO Heats

2:14pm                                   5th Amateur Heats Begin by Class

             2:14pm                       Adult Production 450cc Class

            2:18pm                       Ladies Class

            2:22pm                       Young Adult Production 450cc Class

            2:26pm                       Old Timers Class

            2:30pm                       Adult Modified 450cc Class

            2:34pm                       Juniors Class

            2:38pm                       Young Adult Modified 450cc Class

            2:42pm                       Adult Open Class

            2:46pm                       Young Adult open Class


3:00pm                                   6th PRO Heats

3:14pm                                   6th Amateur Heats Begin by Class

            3:14pm                       Adult Production 450cc Class

            3:18pm                       Ladies Class

            3:22pm                       Young Adult Production 450cc Class

            3:26pm                       Old Timers Class

            3:30pm                       Adult Modified 450cc Class

            3:34pm                       Juniors Class

            3:38pm                       Young Adult Modified 450cc Class

            3:42pm                       Adult Open Class

            3:46pm                       Young Adult Open Class


4:00pm                                   PRO Shootout Final; ties or multiple squads

4:14pm                                   Amateur Shootout Finals; ties or multiple squads

4:30pm                                   Announcement of results and awards



            If you are racing in consecutive classes, please stay on the track and move to the starting line.

            If you are racing in the class that is immediately after the class being called to the starting line, your class will be called to the off-track staging area.  Please proceed there.



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